Shared Vision

Imagine a world... in which you could simply point your smartphone camera at a garment in a shop and the app would tell you the story of that piece of clothing: "The designer is John Jackson in Newcastle, as you can see in the picture he loves animals and many of his designs are inspired by the natural world...." With a swipe on the screen you see the rest of the story: "The tailor who cut this dress is Yan Zein in south Shanghai," followed by a video of Yan in her workplace telling you how lucky and energised she feels when she thinks of hundreds of people wearing and enjoying the dresses that she tailors. The next card in the story is about the workshop in North India that made the cloth, and last but not least the family who run the farm in East Pakistan where the cotton was grown.

Immediately as a consumer you are engaged and emotionally invested in the product, because now you know the story of the lovely people who made it possible for you to wear it. The app will give you options not just to rate the product, but also send messages to people that you choose in the story and also tip them, just like when you receive great service at a restaurant and you know the waitress could do with a tip.