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For Stories
That Matter

Most businesses struggle to clearly tell the story of their products. Rootip enables easy and engaging product storytelling so that businesses can grow and develop products that customers love.

Issues We Solve

Your products have great stories however it is difficult and expensive to tell those stories


  • High desirability to know where products come from
  • Low visibility on product supply chain


  • High cost of product story telling
  • High competition to improve customer experience


  • Low engagement with end consumer
  • High risk of exploitation

How To Transform

Four easy steps to transform your products and brand by creating visibility for your customers

Create an account

Define your products

Create story cards and attach them to products

Download QRCodes and print them on product labels

Customers can now enjoy your beautiful product stories and love your products, enabling you to develop more truly loved products

Values We Deliver

Tell your product stories effectively to enhance customer experience and increase sales


  • Feel good factor
  • Better experience
  • Human connection
  • Easier to purchase
  • Feel in control
  • Higher level of confidence
  • Happiness generated by generosity


  • Enhanced retail online and post purchase experience
  • Unique selling point to improve competitive edge
  • Supply chain efficiency


  • Increased income
  • Higher level of engagement satisfaction due to recognition

Why Stories Matter

Storytelling is invaluable in retail

“Retail storytelling is one of the most critical factors in creating a great experience for the customer. Stories that form an emotional connect with the customer are remembered for a long time.” Entrepreneur.com

“Stories have protagonists and that protagonist cannot be a brand.” Forbes

“We tend to trust more the products with provenance. When buying a jar of jam with a story we also acquire what the great French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu calls symbolic capital. We feel special and connected.” Speciality Food Magazine

“People aren’t loyal to products; they’re loyal to people.” Retaildoc.com

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